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  5. US judge: ‘global peace’ between Apple and Samsung would be good for industry

US judge: ‘global peace’ between Apple and Samsung would be good for industry

US judge: ‘global peace’ between Apple and Samsung would be good for industry

The arbiter presiding over Samsung and Apple’s ongoing courtroom battle Stateside has called for ‘global peace’ between the tech giants in the interest of the greater good.

Judge Lucy Koh’s plea for an armistice came amid a persistent failure to reach a compromise that has no doubt hampered innovations in the industry for fear of litigation, as well as impacted consumers’ ability to spend their hard-earned dollars with any peace of mind.

Koh added: "I'm not joking... it would be good for consumers and good for the industry."

The comments drew laughter from the assemblage in attendance of the proceedings, but the message seemed to fall on deaf ears. Or Apple’s at least.

Although Samsung’s lawyer said the South Korean giant is “willing to talk”, Apple is unwilling to back down from a fight, stating that the massive $1 billion in damages Samsung was ordered to pay in August was a “slap on the wrist” and that it should receive harsher punishment to set a precedent for the future.

Samsung, despite being more open to talks, was no less vocal in its disgruntlement, calling the jury foreman of that case “deliberately dishonest”.

Samsung’s attorney John Quinn said: "He [the jury foreman, Velvin Hogan] told reporters what he did not tell this court.

"I think we have a case here that he should have been excused for cause."

The chief of Samsung Mobile has already rejected the prospect of cutting a deal with Apple following a landmark patent sharing agreement between the iMaker and HTC.

Earlier this month, we asked uSwitch readers if they would like a truce between the companies and opinion was almost split, with just over half the respondents (of a total 3,282 quizzed) calling for an end to hostilities and the rest seeking more of it.

So it would seem that even consumers are split on whether there should be a peaceful resolution, which, unfortunately is not conducive to the kind of idyllic industry Judge Koh might be hoping for.

Do you think Apple and Samsung should compromise or should only one or the other come on top? Tell us in the comments section below.



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