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Samsung Galaxy S4 'landing March', ditching nature-inspired UI?

Samsung Galaxy S4 'landing March', ditching nature-inspired UI?

Reports that Samsung will drop its next flagship phone this quarter seem a bit more credible today, amid fresh rumours that the handset is now a matter of weeks away.

According to the uncommonly reliable sorts at Sam Mobile, Samsung’s challenger for 2013 will first show its face at a press call in March and is set to start shipping on April 15th, with a street date presumably not long after.

Interestingly, it will be available only in black and white rather than the 'pebble blue' that the S3 came in, the site reports. And while we might be extrapolating too far, that rather suggests to us that Samsung could also be about to drop the similarly 'nature-inspired' curves and Android UI tweaks that distinguished the S3 for a more sober, more conventional look and feel.

Just as intriguing is that the handset, which it's claimed is currently codenamed Altius, may not be called the Samsung Galaxy S4. Apparently, this is because the seemingly easily spooked marketing bods at the company are concerned that the number four is thought to be bad luck in Korea.

And it doesn’t stop there. Sam Mobile’s report also claims to be able to confirm ongoing rumours - with unusual levels of confidence, we might add - that wireless charging will indeed be present and correct on the smartphone.

If speculation is to believed this will be facilitated through a special back cover (sold separately) and resonant magnetic coupling technology, which enables owners to charge their phones from up to two metres away.

Other spec sheet fixtures are rumoured to include a 4.99-inch Super AMOLED screen a full HD resolution and stylus support, seemingly blurring the lines between the S4/Altius and the phablet-devices that make up the Galaxy Note range.


Sam Mobile

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