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  5. Samsung Galaxy S4 to feature S Pen stylus?

Samsung Galaxy S4 to feature S Pen stylus?

Samsung Galaxy S4 to feature S Pen stylus?

The next flagship smartphone from Samsung – the handset we’re unofficially calling the Galaxy S4 - may come with an S Pen stylus, fresh rumours suggest.

According to sources abreast of matters in Samsung Town, Seoul, the Galaxy S4 is being prepped for an April release with an S Pen that was originally introduced with the Galaxy Note.

This tallies with rumours that the S4 will be also home to a larger, five-inch 1080p HD display, almost pushing the device into ‘phablet’ terrain. Whether that means the S4 will feature a built-in slot for the stylus like its larger cousins is still unknown, but we can’t imagine why it wouldn’t if the screen itself was compatible for stylus use.

The move to include stylus support in the S4, assuming it’s even true, would be rather odd considering it is clearly one of the USPs of the Galaxy Note range and it’s not exactly that the lack of a stylus has in any way slowed down the charge of Samsung’s flagship phones.

Then again, the success of the Galaxy Note and by extension the S Pen is proof positive that the stylus is very much back in demand and it makes sense to include one if the S4 does sport a bigger display, adding to a growing list of reasons why the S-giant is outselling rival Apple in many key markets.

Other additions mooted to be on board include a 13-megapixel camera, a cutting-edge Exynos 5 series processor based on ARM’s ‘big.little’ architecture, teamed with an eight-core Mali-658 graphics processor, and potentially the next major iteration of Android – aka Key Lime Pie.

Would you like the Galaxy S4 to feature an S Pen stylus? Let us know in the comments section below.



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