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  5. Alleged photos taken with Samsung Galaxy S4 uncovered

Alleged photos taken with Samsung Galaxy S4 uncovered

Alleged photos taken with Samsung Galaxy S4 uncovered

Photos purportedly captured with at least two variants of the soon-to-land Samsung Galaxy S4 have emerged online.

Unearthed by via Google+, the snaps’ their EXIF data reveal that they were taken using what’s widely believed to be the AT&T version of the Galaxy S4 – SGH-I337 – which cropped up in a User Agent Profile on Samsung’s mobile website last month, and possibly the Korean variant – the SHV-E300S.

Alleged photos taken with Samsung Galaxy S4 (small)

Sadly, the photos are rather blurry but their subjects appear to include what we think might be a Samsung desk calendar and a keyboard with Korean characters, which suggests that were potentially taken at the Samsung HQ - covertly and in a hurry. They’ve also been pulled since, adding a layer of authenticity to the leak.

The EXIF data also confirms that the images weren’t taken at the maximum resolution, which explains why they don’t look as great you might expect from a 13-megapixel shooter, which the Galaxy S4 reportedly features.

Also rumoured to be on board is Samsung’s new eight-core Exynos 5 Octa processor, a 4.99-inch full HD Super AMOLED display and built-in wireless charging skills.

While these leaked snaps aren’t very illuminating as far as the S4’s imaging capabilities go, they at least suggest that the S4 is approaching ever closer to an official announcement.

According to numerous tipsters and fortune-tellers, Samsung is likely to unveil the Galaxy S4 between March 15th and 22nd, followed by a launch in mid-April.

Via: via SamMobile

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