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  5. Apple CEO drops iWatch and phablet hint

Apple CEO drops iWatch and phablet hint

Apple CEO drops iWatch and phablet hint

Speculation that Apple are drawing up plans for a smartwatch and phablet got a boost today, after the tech giant’s CEO dropped a major hint that new products are on the way.

Addressing delegates at Apple’s AGM (annual general meeting) this week, Tim Cook revealed that the company is currently “looking at new categories”, adding that “we don’t talk about them, but we’re looking at them”.

The Apple figurehead’s comments have stoked rumours that Apple is developing a so-called iWatch. The smartwatch will apparently take the form of an peripheral for the iPhone, connecting to owners’ handsets by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and allowing them to access some of their phone’s functions.

Talk of Apple bringing a phablet to market, which speculation suggests will go under the name iPhone+ or iPhone Math, has also been rife in recent months.

Intended to challenge the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2, this is expected to pack a screen in the region of five inches and could be powered by a strapping eight-core processor that will bring it in line with the next generation of Android devices.


Apple Insider

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