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Apple iWatch: 5 reasons it makes sense

Apple iWatch: 5 reasons it makes sense

Apple’s hotly rumoured iWatch has set the web buzzing in recent days.

After reports about the device in both the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times Apple watchers are sure that Cupertino insiders have slipped word out to those august publications to give the rumour mill something to churn over and investors a reason to bolster a fluctuating share price.

Is it going to happen, though? No-one knows for sure. But here are five reasons why Apple and wearable tech would make a lot of sense.

1 It’s Apple’s ‘Next Big Thing’

Tim Cook at Apple keynote

You could say the much-hyped iTV is Apple’s ‘next big thing’. But that will most likely be something that builds on the existing Apple TV set top box.

The iWatch, on the other hand, could be a game changer, a completely new product the likes of which Apple hasn’t revealed since it debuted the iPad three years ago.

Apple has released solid products in recent years, but nothing to match the ‘wow’ factor of the first iPhone or iPad. The iWatch could be it.

2 Apple has previous

ipod nano 2010

Apple’s 2010 iPod nano set tongues wagging about Tim Cook and co making a smart watch.

Peripherals-makers went nuts for special watchbands to help turn the dinky multitouch device into a futuristic timepiece.

However, the concept never took off and Apple reverted to a larger, video-friendly nano.

It’s not absurd to suggest that this form factor was simply a case of Apple testing the water for something far more advanced.

3 It’s an area that needs improving

sonyericsson liveview

Smartwatches aren’t new. But Sony Ericsson's LiveView Android effort failed to pass muster and hardly set sales charta slights. That was followed by Sony's Smartwatch, which was panned for being laggy, awkward to use and a pain to keep connected with your phone over Bluetooth.

Apple, despite its protestations, is not a company to be first to market with something. Rather, it refines existing, sometimes poorly realised tech.

Hence, the iPhone being a step up on some seriously average smartphones pre-2007. The iWatch could do the same thing.

4 Science Fiction fantasy

dick tracy watch phone

Call us dorks, but the iWatch is all about indulging sci-fi fantasy. It’s the reason that Google Glass has gained so much hype, despite not being remotely close to release, and it’s we all love motion-controlled gaming so much.

If Apple does out the iWatch, don’t be surprised to see men of a certain age get very excited about the prospect of chatting into their wrist and making like they’re in a ‘60s science fiction adventure.

5 The tech is there for the taking

samsung youm

Flexible screen tech is already here. Samsung’s Youm display was touted at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January and shows just how good this technology already is.

A standard, square, nano-like panel won’t cut it for the iWatch, but a flexible screen wrapped around a wrist makes sense.

The tech exists, so why wouldn’t Apple give it a go?

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