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  5. Apple stock decline was a sign of worse to come, says survey

Apple stock decline was a sign of worse to come, says survey

Apple stock decline was a sign of worse to come, says survey

Apple’s recent stock-market slide was an omen for increasingly tough times for the iPhone-maker, according to uSwitch Tech readers.

In January, Apple announced static profits for the period, ending an era marked by surging year-on-year earnings growth that baffled Wall Street-watchers and naysayers and causing the company’s share price to drop dramatically.

The tech giant also confirmed that Q4 iPhone shipments stood at 47.8 million. Although this was a record showing, it still significantly undershot analysts’ expectations of 50 million.

The comparatively downbeat showing was seen by some as the first sign of cracks in the Apple empire and a symptom of the concomitant rise of cheaper, lavishly specc'd Android handsets that have made the iPhone much less of an It phone.

And it turns out that’s a sentiment echoed by uSwitch Tech users. In an onsite poll of 2,983 site visitors, some 66.7 per cent (1,992 votes) of the sample said that Apple's recent stock-market wobble was a sign of worse things to come.

So what to make of this? Well, we’ll concede Android fanboys are somewhat overrepresented on this site, so that may be a factor in the poll result. But for close to seven out of ten of respondents to discern that there’s something rotten in the state of Apple seems significant to us.

The findings come after CEO Tim Cook was moved to talk up Apple’s future product portfolio, in what seemed to many an attempt to offset negativity surrounding the company.

Rumours suggest that 2013 will see the launch of a larger phablet-sized iPhone, as well as the cheaper iPhone mini which has the potential to swell revenues in markets in the developing world.

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