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  5. iPhone 6 phablet mock-up photos surface

iPhone 6 phablet mock-up photos surface

iPhone 6 phablet mock-up photos surface

‘What-if’ pictures of Apple’s first tilt at a phablet have surfaced online, giving us a tantalising glimpse of what may be in store for us in months to come.

Worked-up by designer Peter Zigich, the snaps depict a handset that retains the design essentials of the current-gen model but shifts instead of a single home button at the foot of the screen there are two on either side of the device.

iphone 6 phablet concept

That means the handset can feature a larger screen, presumably in the region of about five inches, without Apple having to adopt a hugely larger form factor.

Intriguingly, Zigich envisages the dual home buttons to be combined for multiple click commands. Although that’s a pretty original and laudable idea, it’s not something we can see Jonathan Ive and co going for just now, especially given the iterative approach to new products evidenced on recent Apple smartphones.

Zigich’s concept, which he’s dubbed the iPhone 6 XL, also features smaller bezel around the screen, once again freeing up room for a more expansive display and avoiding bulking up the frame of the device.

iphone 6 phablet concept home button

The snaps come as Apple CEO Tim Cook recently admitted that the tech giant is looking into new products, in what some have perceived as an admission that a tablet-smartphone hybrid could be in the works.

Purportedly codenamed the iPhone+ or iPhone Math, the device is rumoured to land next year and sport a mighty eight-core processor to bring it up to speed with the likes of the as-yet-unseen Samsung Galaxy S4.


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