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  5. iPhone phablet won't land until next year, says analyst

iPhone phablet won't land until next year, says analyst

iPhone phablet won't land until next year, says analyst

Rumours that Apple will take the fight to the Samsung Galaxy Note range this year with a phablet of its own took a knock today, amid reports that the device has been delayed by manufacturing glitches.

In recent weeks, tech sites have been awash with speculation that the next-generation iPhone for 2013 will be accompanied by a larger, tablet-cum-smartphone edition with a screen in the region of 4.8-inches.

That's almost right, reckons a Jeffries analyst, who has been harvesting intel from sources and industry insiders. According to Peter Misek, although Apple planned to launch a phablet around October, it has since abandoned the idea because its screen suppliers are “struggling to increase the size of the 4-inch iPhone to 4.8-inches”.

The handset-maker’s decision to delay the phone, which Misek claims is called the iPhone 6 and not iPhone Math or iPhone+ as we’d been led to believe, is also probably influenced by work that needs to be undertaken on Apple’s iOS software to ensure it is compatible with the 20 nm processor that he predicts will power the handset.

This could sport up to eight cores, bringing Apple’s kit up to speed with forthcoming flagship Android phones and tablets.

Interestingly, Misek remains adamant that a cheaper iPhone, which has been a tech-site trope for years now, will land in June.

That flies in the face of Apple CEO Tim Cook's recent response to questions about the so-called iPhone mini by noting that cost-conscious consumers are catered for by older-generation iPhone models.


Business Insider

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