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Google smartwatch in development

Google smartwatch in development

Google is working on a smartwatch peripheral for Android phones, reports suggest, as wearable tech increasingly shapes up to become a key battleground for tech companies.

According to the Financial Times (FT), the accessory is being created by Google’s Android division and not the X Lab wing, whose remit is to work on more airy, more fanciful products.

google smartwatch

That’s sparked speculation that the smartwatch is a priority product for the search giant and could even arrive in shops this year.

Intriguingly, a 2011 patent filed by Google suggests that the watch may pack two screens, marking it out from pretty much every rival device currently available.

The discovery that Google harbours plans for a watch comes after Samsung this week confirmed it is also working on a smartwatch, presumably also powered by Android.

Previously, evidence leaked that Apple’s plans for a similar device were at an advanced stage, with a 100-strong team working on the project at its Infinite Loop campus.

All three devices are likely to eschew the ability to make and take calls, but would instead allow owners to access key functions of their smartphones via Bluetooth.


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