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Samsung Galaxy S4 priced for UK

Samsung Galaxy S4 priced for UK

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has been priced for Blighty, as tech-heads cast covetous glances its way ahead of its appearance on shop shelves next month.

Online vendor Unlocked-Mobiles is listing Samsung’s wonder kit, which got its curtain call last week at a press call in New York, for £529.98 when bought off-contract and SIM-free.

By our reckoning that price point means you’ll probably be able to pick up the phone for free from £42 per month when it debuts across every major network on April 26th.

Continuing Samsung’s recent approach of distinguishing its kits through novel user-interface tweaks, the Galaxy S4 features eyeball-tracking technology to allow users to pause video simply by looking away from the screen.

The phone also features Smart Scroll, which enables owners to scroll through documents and web pages by tilting their phone.

Elsewhere, the phone’s spec sheet takes in a 4.99-inch Super AMOLED screen with full HD resolution and 441 ppi density, an eight-core processor and a 13-megapixel camera.


Unlocked Mobiles

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