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  5. Samsung Galaxy S4 teaser video appears online

Samsung Galaxy S4 teaser video appears online

Samsung Galaxy S4 teaser video appears online

Samsung has released the first teaser ad for the soon-to-land Galaxy S4 handset. And you certainly can’t accuse it of under-selling the merits of its next smartphone challenger.

In an exceptionally fluffy, touchy-feely ad even by the standards of the modern smartphone industry, the TV spot eschews the merest glimpse of the top-secret product in favour of emotive sketch of the relationships between two avuncular adults and a young boy who we’re told is the Secret Messenger of Samsung Unpacked 2013.

Along the way, though, we’re subtly assured that the handset will be “one of the most amazing products to hit the market since TV’s went colour”. Excited as we are about the fourth-generation Galaxy S, we’re sure you’ll agree that’s a billing that any new gadget would do well to live up to.

Other than that the ad is of interest for the celestial golden glow that appears when the youth opens the box that contains the S4. We’re not sure quite what that tells us about the S4. But we think it might just explain what was in the suitcase from Pulp Fiction all those years ago. So that's something, at least.

Samsung is set to showcase its 2013 flagship phone at a press call at New York’s Radio City Music Hall on March 14th.

The event will be simultaneously broadcast at Times Square - a move that's being seen as something of a statement of intent as Samsung bids to take the fight to Apple in its own backyard over the next 12 months.

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