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Facebook Home Android app unveiled

Facebook Home Android app unveiled

Facebook yesterday unveiled an all-new custom skin-cum-app for Android phones, turning compatible handsets into so-called social networking-focussed ‘Facebook phones’.

Dubbed Facebook Home and consisting of selection of apps and pages redesigned to make full-screen photos more prominent, the product is aimed at enabling users to see the world through people rather than apps, according to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

He said: “We wanted to flip things around so our phones were designed around people and not apps.

“How many times have you pulled out a phone and looked into different apps to see what's going on? We want to bring all this content to the front.”

Facebook Home also sees the introduction of a wholly revamped version of the site’s IM app, dubbed Chatheads, which now displays acquaintances’ faces in the corner of the screen on receipt of new messages and a new notifications system.

The option to access Facebook functions from almost any menu and any screen is also notable, as is the Cover Feed home screen feature. Like Windows Phone and HTC’s latest version of Sense, this serves up a stream of updates and stories in a bid to make the homescreen more ‘alive’.

Facebook Home will be available to download from April 12th and will be compatible with the HTC One X, HTC One X+, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

The HTC First, an entirely new phone which was also introduced at yesterday’s press call and features Facebook Home out of the box, is set to land in the UK this summer.

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