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  5. First Samsung Galaxy S4 ads unveiled, not a hint of Apple-baiting

First Samsung Galaxy S4 ads unveiled, not a hint of Apple-baiting

First Samsung Galaxy S4 ads unveiled, not a hint of Apple-baiting

Samsung has lifted the lid on its first commercials for the Galaxy S4, as we count down to the handset’s imminent launch.

The electronics giant has released three adverts, each focussing on a unique feature of the latest hero kit.

First up is Sound Shot, which highlights the S4’s ability to send pictures with sounds. In the spot, a mother bids farewell to her son who’s going travelling and tells him to send lots of photos. He does exactly as he's told and sends back plenty of snaps, each with the background sound present and correct.

The next clip shows group of basketball players looking particularly nervous in the changing room before a big game. Fortunately, one of them is listening to a catchy Icona Pop tune and decides to boost team morale by sharing it with Group Play. Natch, it gets the desired effect.

The third ad follows a Western lass, presumably an exchange student, visiting Korea, who happens to be unaware of even the basics of the local tongue. Luckily, she’s able to use the S Translator app on her Galaxy S4 to tell her hosts that the food is alright. Disaster averted.

As you’ve probably noticed, not one of the ads takes a swipe at Apple, as Samsung has often done in the past with its Galaxy Note campaigns. For what it's worth, we're in favour of the new approach, even if the ads are a little bit cheesy.

Samsung has also released minute-long teaser trailer billing Galaxy S4 as ‘slimmer yet stronger’. This showcases the handset in intimate detail to the spine-tingling sounds of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

It also demonstrates the handset’s floating touch capabilities with Air View and Air Wave, software features that enable users to preview photos by hovering their finger over an album or scroll content by simply waving their fingers over the screen.

But don’t let us just tell you about it. See it for yourself…

Do you think Samsung got it right with these ads? Let us know in the comments section below.

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