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  5. HTC M4: 5 reasons why it can bring HTC back from the brink

HTC M4: 5 reasons why it can bring HTC back from the brink

HTC M4: 5 reasons why it can bring HTC back from the brink

HTC’s busy start to 2013 is showing no sign of slowing down.

After the launch of its critically adored One flagship and the Facebook Home-packing HTC First, the Taiwanese giant is priming a budget blower, codenamed the HTC M4.

Expected to rock a sharp, metal-alloy design, sources in Asia claim it’ll be a budget version of the stunning One.

If we step back for a moment, it’s easy to see why this could prove to be the winning phone HTC needs to bring it back from the brink of failure.

Here are five reasons why.

1 Low price

expensive price

The HTC One might be amazing. But because it’s a flagship phone, it’s certainly not cheap.

The M4 is set to offer the same sleek design, a decent HD Ready 4.3-inch display and Android Jelly Bean, but in a cheaper package.

HTC’s boss Peter Chou has already said budget devices are where he sees the company making money this year.

The M4’s price should ensure a big pick-up in mature markets like Europe and the US, as well as emerging ones in Asia.

2 Sharp design

htc legend large

Budget phones aren’t always renowned for their looks (hello, plastic Samsung Galaxy handsets).

The metal-alloy frame of the M4 could hark back to the ace HTC Legend, a highly underrated phone that proved Taiwan’s finest had design chops to match Jony Ive’s team at Apple. Good looks always entice punters.

3 A potential entry-level winner

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2

The budget market is crucial to smartphone success, no matter whether you’re HTC, Samsung or Apple.

Sammy’s vast array of iterative offerings can be confusing, while Apple’s cheap iPhone remains a distant dream right now.

The HTC M4 has the potential to provide a sole focal point for HTC’s budget phone plans in 2013, giving it a decent chance to emerge victorious in this most-competitive of categories.

4 A timely reminder of HTC’s budget credentials


As mentioned earlier, HTC used to make amazing budget phones, the Legend and Magic among them.

Its top end efforts in recent years have been largely decent, but have sold poorly.

The M4 can act as a reminder that it makes great, entry-level devices, letting phone shops make a big push with the phone over the summer.

5 Camera smarts

HTC One official black edition

Said to rock the same ultra-pixel camera as the HTC One, the M4 can outdo some of its key rivals in the budget space with its imaging package.

Apple is expected to load the budget iPhone with a five-megapixel effort, while Sammy’s Galaxy cameras are decent, but not mind-blowing.

As cameras are such a central focus for users, this could make the M4 a bestseller.

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