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  5. Purported low-cost iPhone plastic rear shell appears in leaked photo

Purported low-cost iPhone plastic rear shell appears in leaked photo

Purported low-cost iPhone plastic rear shell appears in leaked photo

Photographic evidence of what may or not be the rear shell of Apple’s much-rumoured budget iPhone has emerged online.

Unearthed by Tactus, the same folk who recently gave us the alleged iPad 5 cases, the snap reveals what looks to be an iPhone rocking an all-white uniform plastic polycabornate shell with curved edges that appears distinctly different to the aluminium construction of the iPhone 5.

According to the site, the shell measures around 0.4-0.6mm in thickness, although the actual handset will probably come in at 9mm thick, 120mm tall and about 62-65mm wide. This would make it both taller and wider than the iPhone 4S.

Alleged budget iPhone plastic rear shell

Exactly what we can expect in terms of features remains unknown. However, if you place much faith in conjecture, Tactus has ostensibly been told by its sources that the handset might sport an A5 processor like the iPad mini, a 3.5-inch Retina display and a five-megapixel camera.

There’s also chatter that the phone will come in black, white, blue, red and yellow colouways, which might suggest that Apple is taking a page out of the Nokia Lumia book.

The leaked plastic shell – assuming it’s even real - gives us a peek into what could be the iMaker’s first attempt to challenge the cascade of cheap Android smartphones, which have really put a dent on iPhone sales over the years, while positioning Google’s operating system in the pockets of millions of users around the world.

A more affordable iPhone would also enable Apple to go after lucrative emerging markets, such as India and China, which have a growing population of middle-class and tech-savvy consumers.

Industry analysts expect the keenly priced iPhone to land as early as summer, though we reckon it’s more likely to drop in autumn. Pricing is anybody’s guess at this point, but some estimate that it could cost around $300 – or £250 in proper money.

Do you think Apple should bring out a cheaper iPhone? Tell us why in the comments section below.

Source: Tactus via Macrumors

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