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  5. Samsung Galaxy S4 projections point to heavyweight battle with Apple

Samsung Galaxy S4 projections point to heavyweight battle with Apple

Samsung Galaxy S4 projections point to heavyweight battle with Apple

Samsung isn’t suffering from any supplier issues with its new Galaxy S4 smartphone, with component sources claiming that the Korean giant is on track for launch later this month.

What’s more, Sammy apparently reckons it’ll shift a massive 10 million devices in its first month on sale, with 30 million sales in the second quarter of this year. Let’s just step back and put that into context.

Samsung has sold roughly 40 million Galaxy S3s in the last year.

To say it’s confident that its hugely hyped up phone is going to do the business would be a gross understatement.

Billions of pounds-worth of marketing and a phone loaded with the very latest tech shows that this is a smartphone that’s bound to sell by the bucketload.

Those numbers, albeit projected, point to one almighty ding-dong with Apple over the summer.

iPhone 5

The iPhone sold a massive 47.8 million in Apple’s last reported quarter, although that covered Christmas 2012 and is expected to slip back when Apple reveals its latest stats in the coming weeks.

Samsung has only outsold the iPhone once, and that was during the quarter prior to the launch of the iPhone 5.

With Cupertino said to be readying a new iPhone for a summer release, perhaps as soon as WWDC in June, Samsung and Apple are going to be duking it out at the same time for the same customers.

Last year, the Galaxy S3 arrived almost six months before the iPhone 5, giving each device a clear run at the market.

This time the launches are going to be far closer, making competition doubly fierce.

With the smartphone market so mature in developed markets, this means that we’re likely to see ever more bold moves to attract consumers.

Samsung Galaxy S4 white official (front, back and sides)

Each device will bite into the other’s sales and no mistake.

Samsung will clearly push its strong anti-Apple line, Apple in turn will try and show why iOS and iPhone are still innovative, despite rumours that the new iPhone 5S will differ little in terms of design to its predecessor.

Apple has every chance of topping 40 million sales in the quarter following its new iPhone’s launch.

Samsung does too. But it’s hard to imagine both doing the same or similar figures.

That means one has to lose out, even if it is marginally.

It seems that summer 2013 is going to be a defining moment in the how the smartphone landscape will look over the next year to 18 months.

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