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  5. Why an Amazon smartphone really, really makes sense

Why an Amazon smartphone really, really makes sense

Why an Amazon smartphone really, really makes sense

Today’s news that Amazon has acquired free Siri rival Evi is a fascinating insight into where the online retail giant is heading.

Having snagged voice recognition company Ivona back in January, it’s not too much of a leap to imagine that Amazon is prepping its own smartphone.

Here are five reasons why we reckon an Amazon smartphone makes sense.

1 It has the Kindle brand

Amazon Kindle Fire HD XL

The Kindle brand has become synonymous not only with e-readers, but also budget tablets.

Amazon doesn’t lack pedigree in the hardware business and the idea of a Kindle phone is not too far-fetched.

Using the brand name would guarantee instant recognition among wider consumers, surely the focus of Amazon as opposed to hardcore techie types jonesing for expensive devices.

2 It’s got Evi primed to take on Siri


As mentioned, the purchase of Evi is a prime factor in the development of a potential Amazon smartphone.

Being able to offer an Apple-like personal assistant on a budget device (of which more later), has huge appeal.

Tie that into Amazon’s retail business, meaning you could ask your phone to buy goods while you’re out and about, and the appeal is pretty strong.

3 It’s got heaps of content primed for smartphone users

Amazon Cloud Player

One of Amazon’s prime facets is its massive content base.

There’s a well-stocked MP3 store, access to thousands of movies and TV shows, not to mention a library of books that few bricks and mortar stores can compete with.

If the device had a capacious screen, this could be a great all-round solution for accessing Amazon’s vast content package while being able to make calls, send texts and do general phone gubbins.

4 It has an app store in place

amazon app store

On top of all that content, there’s also the fact that Amazon already has an app store in place.

In fact, it has pretty much everything needed for a smartphone, except for the device itself.

The app emporium might not be chock full like Google Play or the App Store, but unleashing a smartphone would surely change all that.

5 It can undercut Google and Apple

Amazon Appstore logo

Amazon isn’t afraid to sell its hardware on the cheap (just look at the Kindle Fire HD).

An Amazon smartphone could easily be offered up cheaper than the iPhone and could even undercut the tempting price of Google’s Nexus 4.

With an ad-supported model (a la the US Kindle), Amazon could serve up a handset that costs next-to-nothing SIM-free.

Then it could sit back and watch as sales hit the roof.

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