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Amazon 3D smartphone in the works

Amazon 3D smartphone in the works

Amazon is prepping a 3D smartphone using similar eye-tracking tech as Samsung’s Galaxy S4.

That’s according to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), which has nabbed the info from ‘people familiar with the matter’.   The new blower will apparently pack glasses-free 3D tech, with images said to ‘float above’ the display.

That would make them visible from all angles, with the sources even claiming that retina tracking would allow users to control the blower with their eyes.

Sounds mighty futuristic, eh? Well, yes and no. As it stands eye-tracking tech isn’t quite up to speed if the Galaxy S4’s anything to go by.

While there’s no other news on what the device will look like or which OS it’ll use, it’s likely Amazon will follow a similar path to its Kindle Fire tablets. Assuming that's so, we can probably expect a tweaked version of Android with its services front and centre. The device is set to be released ‘in the coming months’ according to the WSJ report.

The retail giant is also said to be readying a standalone music player with 3G connectivity to compete with Apple’s iPod touch and let users stream tunes from their servers.

3D smartphones have failed to take off in the past, with LG’s Optimus 3D the most famous example.

Can Amazon really pull off what major mobile makers haven’t managed? With its huge financial clout, it could just do it.



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