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  5. HTC First price slashed to 99 cents in US

HTC First price slashed to 99 cents in US

HTC First price slashed to 99 cents in US

US network AT&T has slashed the cost of the HTC First to just 99c, it has emerged.

The handset was revealed by Mark Zuckerberg last month alongside Facebook’s new Home skin for Android and is the first phone to pack the social network’s new service out of the box. The US carrier has not explained why it’s dropped the cost of the device, which originally stood at $99.99 on contract.

However, with other, more impressive devices available at the sub-$100 price point, including Samsung’s Galaxy S3 and Apple’s iPhone 4S, it’s not too much of a jump to assume that sales of the HTC First were not as speedy as expected.

Facebook Home has received a lukewarm reception since it was outed at a major event in April.

It currently has an average rating of just 2.2 on the Google Play Store, with critics apparently unsure whether the service is a decent alternative to simply using a dedicated Facebook app.

With such a low price in the US, expect the HTC First to start selling snappily in the next few days, especially when punters realise they can buy it and switch off Facebook Home.

That way, they’re left with Android Jelly Bean and a half-decent budget Google phone.

The HTC First is expected to land on these shores in the summer, with EE set to sell the blower exclusively on its super-fast 4G network.


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