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  5. iPhone 5S / iPhone 6 SIM trays hint at more colour options

iPhone 5S / iPhone 6 SIM trays hint at more colour options

iPhone 5S / iPhone 6 SIM trays hint at more colour options

Rumours that the next iPhone will come in an iPod-style profusion of colour options got a major boost today, with the discovery of new images purporting to show SIM trays destined for Apple’s 2013 handsets.

Brought to the wider web by BGR, which owes its scoop to a trusted source, the photos show grey and gold SIM trays, seemingly marking a move away from the silver parts that feature in currently available black and white iPhones.

The images have added weight to existing speculation that Apple could break with tradition and introduce as many as eight colour options for its handsets this year.

It’s thought that the fabled cheaper iPhone, aka the kit some have termed the iPhone 5S, is most likely to be the model with which Apple runs riot with the spray paints.

However, it’s not out of the question that it will deviate from its age-old ‘any colour as long as its black or white’ policy for the standard model too. That’s the smartphone otherwise known as the iPhone 6.

iphone 5s parts

BGR’s source also supplied a series of snaps of what we’re assured is ear speaker bracket for the handset/handsets, along with the vibrating motor assembly and bracket for the loudspeaker. But other than being able to confirm that’s what they are, it’s tricky to predict from the photos what changes to the phone’s functionality the components might usher in.

Depending on which rumours you set store in, Apple could debut the low-cost iPhone as soon as next month. Or it may drop both the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 6 in September, in what could be a devastating one-two punch to land on Google’s Andorid platform in the run up to Christmas.



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