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iOS 7 iPhone controller photo leaks

iOS 7 iPhone controller photo leaks

The first image showing what we’re assured is an Apple-branded controller for iOS devices has surfaced online, after a Q&A at last week’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) confirmed that the tech giant is planning to release the peripherals later this year.

The image chimes with a mock-up for a controller shown at WWDC, which “physically encases” owners’ iPhones in a plastic shell, transforming an Apple smartphone into a handheld gaming machine that looks a lot like a PSP.

ios 7 iphone controller leak

Sourced by games specialists Kotaku, which claims Logitech is on manufacturing detail and that what we’re looking at is definitely the real deal, the matte black controller also features the same layout as the pad detailed at Apple’s conference. Think: two sets of shoulder buttons and front-facing pressers, as well as a D-Pad and dual analogue sticks.

Apple also showcased a second, very different, controller at the WWDC games controller Q&A. This takes its design from vintage Nintendo controllers and rumours indicate could be made by Moga on Apple’s behalf.

apple controller 1

Both games controllers are set to land in the autumn along with iOS 7’s arrival on the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and whatever new handsets Apple brings us later this year.



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