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  5. iOS 7 leaked photos bolster flatter design rumours

iOS 7 leaked photos bolster flatter design rumours

iOS 7 leaked photos bolster flatter design rumours

The first clandestine images of the next version of Apple’s operating system have leaked online. And appear to confirm rumours that iOS 7 will feature a ‘flatter’ design and ditch cutesy touches for a more sober look and feel.

Sourced by Apple blogger Sonny Dickson and cleaned up for wider public consumption by iDownloadBlog, a blurrycam snap appears to confirm that the 3D look favoured by Apple for some apps is now a thing of the past.

This tallies with rumours that Ive’s aversion to skeuomorphism meant that icons that emulate the properties and look of real-world objects won’t be a feature of iOS for too much longer.

Whether that’ll mean that the notebook-look of the Notes app will also be ditched isn’t certain. But we’d like to say that we sure hope so.

ios 7 leak

Apple has also apparently removed the gloss effect that also appeared on certain proprietary applications, the image suggests.

The overall effect of the changes is to present a more unified platform. One that bears out Ive’s intention to cleave closely to a minimalist software design that matches the approach he’s been applying to Apple hardware all this time.

What it’s very definitely not, though, is the radical rethink that some tech-watchers are calling for. For now it seems, live tiles a la Windows Phone and Samsung Nature UX-style features such as tilt to scroll will probably have to wait.


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