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  5. iPhone 5S plastic shell photos appear online

iPhone 5S plastic shell photos appear online

iPhone 5S plastic shell photos appear online

Images purported to show the fabled plastic iPhone have emerged online, adding heft to speculation that a cheaper take on the handset will land later this year.

The snaps, which appeared on a Taiwanese Apple fanboy site, depict a smartphone that looks an awful lot like current-generation iPhone 5 but with a black plastic outer and a remarkably glossy sheen. Although the latter effect might just be a trick of the light.

The pictured phone’s incredible similarity to the iPhone 5 flies in the face of reports that the plastic, low-cost handset would take design cues from earlier iPhones.

And it’s precisely it’s this closeness to the existing iPhone that’s led some to posit that what we’re really looking at is standard iPhone 5 stripped of its premium build and slapped in a plastic case.

iphone 5s plastic case

For what’s it’s worth, we think they might be right. While a low-cost iPhone could yet happen, we're inclined to think that the case in the photos looks a little too cheap to have come from the House of Cupertino.

Apple’s alleged courting of the lower-end market for smartphones is apparently intended to challenge Android kits in markets in the developing world, where Google’s OS currently has the whip-hand.


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