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  5. Low-cost ‘plastic’ iPhone imagined in fresh 3D renderings

Low-cost ‘plastic’ iPhone imagined in fresh 3D renderings

Low-cost ‘plastic’ iPhone imagined in fresh 3D renderings

Fresh illustrations depicting what Apple’s long-rumoured ‘cheap’ iPhone could look like have emerged online, giving us yet another vision of a handset that’s effectively a unicorn of the smartphone world.

Designed lovingly by the good folks at Apple Insider, based on recently leaked schematics of the so-called ‘iPhone Light’, the concept reveals a white handset sporting a plastic casing with curved corners at the back, a faux-aluminium rim at the top and ‘pill shaped’ volume controls clearly inspired by the iPod touch.

iPhone Light concept (top) by Apple Insider

The physical home button still present-and-correct, along with a four-inch display like the iPhone 5. Though, we presume the screen is probably not of a Retina quality and is more likely a lower-grade LCD to keep costs down.

Looks-wise, it’s unmistakably an iPhone, and as far as we're concerned, certainly doesn’t look as bargain-bin as many budget mobiles do.

With a minimalist design that's integral to the Apple DNA and the freshly announced iOS 7 front-and-centre, the concept very easily completes the illusion that this could very well be a product “Designed by Apple in California”.

The iGiant is widely expected to bring a keenly priced iPhone to market later this year to compete with the hordes of inexpensive Android smartphones, especially in emerging lucrative regions such as China and India.

iPhone Light concept (side) by Apple Insider

The handset is mooted to recycle parts from older models and replacing the aluminium build of the iPhone 5 for a more economical plastic construction.

Do you think Apple should make a cheaper iPhone? Let us know in the comments section below.


Apple Insider

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