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Apple’s five most–rumoured iOS devices

Apple’s five most–rumoured iOS devices

The Apple rumour mill never stops whirring. It’s a simple act of life for the tech fanatic.

Today’s no different with gossip about super–sized iPhones and iPads dominating the headlines.

But these slick prototypes are not the only Apple gadgets to catch the attention of feverish Cupertino fanatics.

If you’ve been struggling to keep up with all the gossip, here are Apple’s five most–rumoured iOS devices.

Here’s hoping at least a couple of them hit shelves soon.

1 iPhone phablet

iphone 6 concept phablet

Rumoured again today thanks to a piece in The Wall Street Journal, the iPhone phablet has been the talk of the tech world for years.

Apple’s current four-inch iPhone 5 doesn’t fall into the category Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 has made its own, so the fact Tim Cook and co are trialing a phone with a display ‘larger than four inches’, suggests Apple is finally looking to go large.

Previous rumours have pointed to a 5.7-inch iPhone, aimed at taking on the Note 3 and forthcoming HTC One Max.

2 iPhone 5S/iPhone 6

iphone 5s front

The supposed replacement for the iPhone 5 looks nailed on for an autumn release.

The device is believed to rock the same design as the iPhone 5, but with a rejigged interior.

That includes a slow-mo camera, according to the latest rumours, as well as a better processor and sharper graphics.

It will, of course, cram in iOS 7 from the get go, making it a significantly different offering from its predecessor.

3 Budget iPhone

iphone 5s dickson

There’s no proper name for this one yet. Some say it’s the iPhone 5S, others the iPhone 6.

But the budget iPhone looks every bit as likely to happen as the full-on successor to the iPhone 5.

Leaked images have shown a series of colourful designs, along the lines of the current iPod touch range.

The phone apparently features a plastic design, which makes it slightly chunkier than the iPhone 5.

The four-inch display will also mean you can still use it one-handed, something more capacious devices struggle with.

4 iPad 13-inch

ipad 5 case leak

This is a new one and one which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for many.

But the 13-inch iPad, apparently being tested by Cupertino right now), won’t be aimed at your average punter.

Instead this will all be about aiding teaching and giving kids access to more interactive textbook content.

Of course, it would also serve up stunning pictures of you wanted to ditch your TV or laptop.

But don’t get too excited just yet. Apple tests many things though and this device is unlikely to see the light of day for many months yet.

5 iPad mini with Retina Display

ipad mini 2 render

Nailed on and rumoured since the first iPad Mini launched.

This device is now said to have been shoved back until 2014, as Apple battles with supply-chain issues.

The displays are, apparently, not readily available to ensure it hits shelves this side of Christmas.

When it does land, word is it’ll form part of an iPad mini family, with a lower-res version offering cheaper access to those who don’t want to feast their eyeballs on Retina Display-assisted video.

That should give Amazon and its Kindle Fire line-up plenty to think about.

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