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  5. Google Maps gets huge Android and iOS upgrade

Google Maps gets huge Android and iOS upgrade

Google Maps gets huge Android and iOS upgrade

Google has revealed a major upgrade to its Maps app for both Android and iOS.

The new update, which is rolling out in Google Play right now and is due to hit the App Store soon, packs in a heap of new features.

google maps nexus 7

There’s a new Explore function, which serves up immediate details on places to eat and drink, or things to see and points of interest around you.

Just tap the search box and the Maps app will throw up the information as a series of cards.

Navigation has been given an overhaul, with the chance to tap your phone’s screen and see incidents on the road in real time.

There’s now also automatic rerouting when you’re driving, if a better option for getting from A to B comes up that is. This feature is Android only for now, though.

Google is also bigging up a new five-star rating system which serves up Zagat lists for best places to eat and drink in any given area.

These are woven into search results so you can find the best places to hang out.

What’s more there are dedicated Android tablet and iPad editions of Google Maps being pushed out too.

However, what Google giveth with one hand it takes away from the other.

Google Latitude is being killed off, as are location check-ins. Instead, location sharing is being rolled into Google+.

And offline maps are also changing. Instead of tinkering with settings to offline an area, you can simply type or say ‘OK Maps’ to cache a particular place for viewing later.


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