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  5. iPhone 5S: slow-mo ‘Mogul’ camera detailed

iPhone 5S: slow-mo ‘Mogul’ camera detailed

iPhone 5S: slow-mo ‘Mogul’ camera detailed

Apple is plotting a new slow-motion camera feature for its iPhone 5S, dubbed ‘Mogul’, rumours suggest.

The inside information has been sniffed out by the Cupertino fanatics at 9to5mac.

Word is that the new feature will allow users to record video at 120 frames per second, offering insanely detailed footage and bolstering the iPhone’s already impressive camera and video-shooting options.

References to the so-called ‘Mogul’ function have been found by sleuth-like developers searching through iOS 7’s code.

It’s likely Apple will use the ‘Mogul’ name to market the function as a media- creation tool, according to 9to5mac.

Samsung and Android fans are likely to point out that the Korean giant’s Galaxy S4 already has this slow-motion functionality.

But Apple is unlikely to be deterred by such fripperies. When it launched its FaceTime feature, the tech giant essentially made out it had invented video calling, despite Skype’s huge popularity.

The iPhone 5S is expected to launch in autumn, alongside a cheaper, plastic model of Tim Cook and co’s best-selling handset.



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