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  5. iPhone 6 / iPhone 5S delayed by change to 4.3” screen?

iPhone 6 / iPhone 5S delayed by change to 4.3” screen?

iPhone 6 / iPhone 5S delayed by change to 4.3” screen?

Would-be iPhone 5S / iPhone 6 buyers saving their pennies for September’s anticipated iPhone launch may have to hold on to their cash a while longer, it has emerged.

According to supply-chain sources cited by Commercial Times, the seventh-generation iPhone could be delayed by manufacturing challenges posed by a larger screen.

The handset reportedly swaps the four-inch display of the current model for a more sizable 4.3-inch number that edges Apple’s smartphone almost into phablet territory.

The change – apparently Apple still intended to retain a four-inch screen for the phone as late as May this year – means that the handset may now not appear until the end of the year.

It’s not all bad news, though. Apparently, the fabled low-cost iPhone will finally arrive ahead in October, ending years of tech-site rumours around the device.

Speculation around Apple’s plans comes after photos purportedly showing parts from a forthcoming iPhone leaked online.

Investigations carried out by uSwitch Tech revealed that the device retained the dimensions of the iPhone 5S.

Assuming that chatter of a 4.3-inch iPhone this year is on the money, that could mean that the images of the parts we sourced yesterday are intended for the cheaper, multi-hued iPhone. Or it could mean that the components were from an earlier design for the full-price kit.



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