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LG G2: fingerprint sensor teased

LG G2: fingerprint sensor teased

A press invite for LG’s forthcoming flagship G2 smartphone suggests the Korean company will include a fingerprint sensor within the handset.

The invite depicts a finger swiping a touchscreen, with a security sensor clearly displayed in the middle of the screen.

It’s a move which would see LG beat Apple to the punch with fingerprint detection tech. Cupertino’s forthcoming iPhone 5S has been widely tipped to pack in the same functionality, making smartphones more secure.

The G2 has been seen across the web over the past few weeks, with specs believed to include a large Full HD 5.2-inch screen, a unique rear volume control system and a bezel of just 2.3mm.

LG’s G2 unveiling will take place on August 7th. Expect to hear plenty more about the device before that, though.



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