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Moto X teased ahead of launch

Moto X teased ahead of launch

The ad, which has appeared in The New York Times, USA Today, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal, claims that the Moto X has been “Designed By You”.

That’s a reference to Moto’s assertion that the forthcoming device is the first to be designed, built and assembled in the USA. A growing number of tech companies are looking to assemble kit in the States and taking business out of their plants in China.

“Design By You” also refers to the fact the Moto X will be ‘fully customisable’. What that means exactly is unclear, but it’s likely to focus on a greater level of flexibility with the Android OS it’ll run.

Google-owned Motorola has slid well down the smartphone pecking order in recent years, despite some decent devices hitting shelves when Android first launched. The Moto X faces a big task in overhauling Apple and Samsung once it lands later this summer.

Source Forbes

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