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  5. New Google Nexus 7: can it kill Apple’s tablet dominance for good?

New Google Nexus 7: can it kill Apple’s tablet dominance for good?

New Google Nexus 7: can it kill Apple’s tablet dominance for good?

There’s no escaping the fact that Apple’s tablet domination is on the wane.

Sales of iPads were down to 14.6 million in the April to June quarter, slipping from 19.5 million in the first three months of the year.

Throw in recent figures from IDC show Apple’s tablet share is now a mere 39.6 per cent compared to 65.3 per cent a year ago, and it’s easy to see that things are changing.

And with Google’s newly update Nexus 7 that change is likely to accelerate.

Everything about the just-unveiled Nexus 7 suggests it has the tools to make Apple’s iPad division suffer.

There’s the Full HD screen, with 323 pixels per inch (ppi), the ample storage, the inclusion of 4G in the top-end model and, perhaps most importantly, the price.

iPad mini white official

Google will start selling its Nexus 7 at £199 for a 16GB Wi-Fi only model. That’s £70 less than the equivalent iPad mini.

But where it really comes into its own is with the 32GB, 4G-packing edition.

At £299, it’s £150 cheaper than the same level iPad mini and, let’s face it, packs in specs that make Cupertino’s pared down slate look hugely dated by comparison.

Of course, Apple is due to renew its iPad mini line. But the web is alive with rumours that Retina Display delays could lead to it pushing back an amped up version of the device until 2014.

And even when it does arrive, you can bet that it won’t be as cheap as the Nexus 7.

This leaves Apple in something of a bind. From iPads to iPhones, Macs to Apple TV, the company’s lustre is fading.

iPhone 5 black bottom half close-up

This is perhaps only natural, especially as the tech giant is finally facing the kind of stiff competition that for years it didn’t have to contend with.

The iPad mini is still great, but its rivals are getting increasingly sharper.

This has also been aided by improved Google app support and Google services becoming even better.

Maps are now light years ahead of Apple’s efforts, while the Play Store is chock full with music, movies and games that will satisfy the vast majority of consumers.

In short, the days of iPad domination are done.

Apple iPad mini vs Amazon Kindle Fire HD vs Google Nexus 7 side by side

The question is, can Google, or Amazon with its rumoured Kindle Fire updates, take over at the top?

A year ago, such an idea would have seemed far fetched.

But with consumers seeing they can get the same tech for a lot less cash, now that concept isn’t so bizarre.

Google has some work to do to make it happen, but it should be confident it can become tablet number one.

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