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  5. Samsung Galaxy S4 hits 20m sales in two months

Samsung Galaxy S4 hits 20m sales in two months

Samsung Galaxy S4 hits 20m sales in two months

The Samsung Galaxy S4 isn’t underperforming in the sales stakes to the extent that some would have us believe, latest figures from the phone-maker suggest.

Samsung CEO JK Shin has today announced that its flagship phone has shifted some 20 million units since landing two months or so ago in a blaze of publicity and a marketing campaign the size of some countries’ total GDP.

Samsung Galaxy S4 black and white official (front and back)

By way of comparison, the Galaxy S3, which was previously Samsung’s fastest-selling smartphone ever, took three months to hit the 20-million mark.

The strong showing comes amid claims in some quarters that the Galaxy S4 has failed to live up to its billing. In particular, it was posited that the smartphone's Nature UX features, such as tilt to scroll and the SmartPause intelligent pause mode, were not as much of a draw as Samsung thought.

Last month a series of analysts scaling down sales forecasts for the handset, in turn, prompting a full in the company’s share price to dive by $20 billion.

Commenting on developments, at the time, Shin said the reduction could be attributed to overheated expectations on the part of market-watchers and that sales of the phone were holding up “fine”.

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