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  5. iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 rear shells photos appear online

iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 rear shells photos appear online

iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 rear shells photos appear online

Images of back covers thought to be from forthcoming iPads have made another appearance on the internet, as the world waits to see how Apple responds to the growing threat from Android tablets.

Sourced by NowwhereElse fr, the snaps depict the rear aluminium part from what we’re assured is the fifth-gen iPad and appear to confirm that it will be slimmer than the current model. This chimes with predictions that the next iterations of Apple tablets will blur the lines between the top-end model and the low-cost iPad mini 2.

ipad 5 silver back

The smaller rear shell in the photo is assumed to be intended for the iPad mini 2, although this isn’t made clear by the French tech site’s scribe. So it could be the shell for the iPad mini first edition.

Either way, the signs that the photos offer that the iPad range is converging come amid reports that the iPad mini 2 will pack the same Retina Display technology as the standard iPad this time around.

Apple is thought to have encountered problems bringing the high-density tech to the iPad mini’s smaller screen.

However, with some industry sources claiming that the second iPad mini will offer the sharpest screen so far on an Apple tablet, with a pixel density of 324 pixels per inch, it seems these teething troubles have been consigned to history.

ipad 5 silver back front

Apple is also thought to be set to offer the iPad mini 2 in a range of iPod-style colour options, matching the ‘fun’ colour schemes it’s purportedly mulling for the low-cost iPhone 5C.

The iPad 5 is forecast to feature an iPad min-style smaller bezel around the screen, allowing Apple to keep the 9.7-inch display dimensions untouched while shrinking the device overall.


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