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  5. iPhone 5C in packaging mock-up surfaces online

iPhone 5C in packaging mock-up surfaces online

iPhone 5C in packaging mock-up surfaces online

The name 'iPhone 5C' featured on tech sites for the first time just last week. But already the army of Apple apostles with design smarts are imagining how the handset look swaddled in Apple’s plastic packaging.

Created by 3D designer Martin Hayek and brought to wider attention by German site Giga Apple, the renders of how the budget-priced iPhone might look certainly win points from aesthetes and are genuinely convincing. That much is true.

iphone 5c mock up packet

But we can’t help thinking Hayek has missed something of a trick by featuring a white handset rather than one of many different coloured models that are expected to drop. Especially given that the ‘C’ in ‘iPhone 5C’ is thought to stand for colour.

After months of referring to the cheaper iPhone as either the iPhone 5S or low-cost iPhone, the term 'iPhone 5C' got some currency mere days ago after images leaked online purportedly showing parts of the plastic box in which the phone will sit.

The phone, which trades premium materials in favour of a more economical plastic shell, is expected to land in September, most likely alongside a refreshed version of the standard iPhone.

iphone 5c mock up packet 2

Rumours suggest the iPhone 5C will also feature the same four-inch screen dimensions as the current-generation iPhone and recycle parts from earlier models.

It’s thought that the handset is principally aimed at fast-growing markets in the developing world, where low price points have allowed Android to command huge tranches of marketshare.


Giga Apple

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