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  5. iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C dropping September, reports WSJ

iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C dropping September, reports WSJ

iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C dropping September, reports WSJ

Reports that Apple will launch two new iPhone variants took a turn for the credible today, after the grave-faced, serious-minded sorts at the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) threw their weight behind rumours coming out of Cupertino.

Citing ‘people familiar with the matter’, the WSJ corroborates long-standing chatter that this year will see the arrival of the low-cost iPhone 5C and a refresh of the standard iPhone, titled the iPhone 5S.

The report also claims that production of both devices began in June and that signs point to a grand unveiling next month.

To keep its asking price down, the iPhone 5C is expected to feature a plastic shell and recycle parts from earlier editions of the Apple’s handset. It’s also almost certain to come in a range of iPod-style colour options.

The top-end iPhone 5S (it’s also being referred to as the iPhone 6 in some quarters), meanwhile, will retain the iPhone 5’s premium blend of aluminium and glass and stick fairly fast to the current-gen model’s design.

iphone 5c back cover yellow

Changes are instead restricted largely to the handset’s internals. Think: A beefier processor to enable Apple to keep pace with its Android heavyweight rivals and a higher-res screen.

Both phones are purported to debut fingerprint scanning technology in a bid to up iPhones’ security credentials, amid surging thefts of iDevices worldwide.

After initial reports suggested the biometric tech would be embedded in the bezel, the smart money is now on Apple opting to pack it into a revamped home button.


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