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  5. Moto X: 5 reasons you should be disappointed it won't be coming to the UK

Moto X: 5 reasons you should be disappointed it won't be coming to the UK

Moto X: 5 reasons you should be disappointed it won't be coming to the UK

The Moto X has been hyped beyond belief in the past few months. But now Motorola and Google have made it official, we’ve got some bad news: It won’t be coming to the UK. This is perhaps unsurprising. Moto’s initial Android offerings took ages to make it over to Blighty, if at all, and it seems it’s happy to try and make it back to the smartphone top table on home soil first. Gutted? You should be. Here are five reasons we’re disappointed it won’t be getting a UK release.

Customisation galore

Call us dorks, but we love the idea of being able to tweak our phones looks, a la old-school Nokias at the turn of the century. Motorola is offering an abundance of customisation features, using its Moto Maker website to let punters change the handset’s colour and design, tweak its software to custom backgrounds and play around with the memory. It says it’ll the deliver the device within four days. The idea of having a phone that looks different to everyone else's is pretty appealing.

Made in the USA

This is a key factor in why the Moto X is staying in the States. The phone is being assembled in Texas, rather than China, as Motorola looks to reposition itself as a champion of US industry. That’s smart and we’re sure some people will happily pay for it.

Moto X red 'Made in the USA'

There’s also the added factor that it’s not being put together in questionable conditions, with workers having to put in absurd hours at a major cost to their health. Recent reports about practices at factories used by Apple have shown that this move by Motorola could be a good shift in the long term.

A decent Android alternative

Moto X ad

Call us grumpy, but we’re getting a bit bored with having the same old stuff fed to us by Samsung et al. Yeah, their phones are great, but it’s always good to see an underdog turn up and cause a stir. It would have been great to see Motorola try and attempt to recapture past glories here in the UK.

There are Google Edition plans

One of the major issues with the Moto X is carrier bloatware. US networks are already said to be plotting their own apps for the device, despite it packing a basic version of Android. Word on the web is that Motorola and Google are priming a ‘Google Edition’ without the added guff, much like versions of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One.

It’s Touchless Control function looks superb

Moto X official

This is really ace and something we’d have loved to have had a play with. The Touchless Control tech means you can tell your phone what to do and what you want without having to get it out of sleep mode. Hopefully this is something that will become prevalent in other Moto phones that do arrive here in the UK.

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