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O2 4G contracts and tariffs revealed

O2 4G contracts and tariffs revealed

O2 has shown its hand in the impending 4G network wars, ahead of the launch of its next-gen service later this month.

The carrier’s 4G smartphone contracts start at £32 per month. SIM only contracts, all of which provide unlimited calls and texts, start at £26 per month and go up to £36 per month. These include monthly allowances of 1GB and 5GB of data respectively.

Extra data is available in the form of bolt-ons, which are priced £6 for 500MB and £10 for 1GB.

O2’s Refresh contracts, which are intended to make it easier and cheaper for customers to upgrade mid-contract, come in at £22 per month for the cheapest option, which grants customers 1GB of data each month. Heavy users and would-be upgraders can get 8GB of data for £37 per month.

These allowances, which are double the amount usually afforded with the contracts, apply until October 31st only.

The cost of handsets that customers can then combine with the data, calls and texts part of their Refresh contract ranges from £10-£25 per month. For a simple-to-follow explanation of how O2’s Refresh scheme works, head to our guide.

Like Vodafone, which offers 4G subscribers a choice of Spotify Mobile or Sky Sports with their contracts, O2 has added sweeteners to its 4G packages too.

The pick of these is probably the O2 4G Tracks, which provides free access to the Official Top 40 Singles Chart for 12 months.

Customers also get a selection of exclusive videos via Priority Sports and the chance to play the likes of multi-player efforts Asphalt 8: Airborne, Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour and Zombiewood over 4G without eating into their data allowance.

O2 is taking pre-orders now, with its 4G network set to go live on August 29th - a date that also marks Vodafone's entry into a UK 4G market in which EE was previously the sole operator.

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