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  5. iPhone 5c case delayed by one to two weeks

iPhone 5c case delayed by one to two weeks

iPhone 5c case delayed by one to two weeks

The iPhone 5c is out on Friday, but if you want a case to go with it, you'll have to wait a little longer.

That's because the case is delayed, with a delivery time of one to two weeks given on the Apple site.

iphone 5c cases

Apple hasn't given any reason for the delay, but it's thought to be due to shortages in the manufacturing process.

The iPhone 5s case is still due for release on Friday, alongside both handsets.

The iPhone 5c case comes in the same five colours as the handset it protects, which will give you dozens of colour combinations. It's made of silicone, and features holes in the back, so you can see your iPhone through it.

These holes do obscure the iPhone logo on the back though, which is a bit of a design flaw. It's hard to imagine that getting through in Steve Jobs' day.

If you think even a case won't keep your iPhone 5c safe, you can take out AppleCare+, which has just come to the UK.

It's effectively a warranty for your handset - pay £79, and if you break your phone, you can get it fixed or replaced for just £55. Though you can only do so twice in two years.

Friday is iPhone day, with queues expected at Apple Stores around the country. That's due in part because you can't pre-order the iPhone 5s, so if you want one on Friday you'll have to hit the shops.



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