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  5. iPhone 5C logic board leaks, shows design tweaks

iPhone 5C logic board leaks, shows design tweaks

iPhone 5C logic board leaks, shows design tweaks

The iPhone 5C's logic board has leaked, ahead of the budget handset's expected launch tomorrow, giving us some vital clues as to what to expect from the handset.

If these pictures are genuine, we'll get a device with only slightly rejigged innards compared to the iPhone 5.

The main difference is that the 5C's accelerometer seems to be in a different position to the iPhone 5's.

On the iPhone 5, the accelerometer is just above the EMI shield which covers the device's A6 SoC (system on chip - the unit housing the processor, graphics chip, cache memory and generally the brains of the phone).

On the 5C, it looks like the accelerometer is hidden under the back covering surrounding the connectors.

It's not known which chip the iPhone 5C will use, though rumours suggest Apple will stick with its current architecture to keep costs down.

The nano SIM slot is above another shield, which probably covers the modem and RF transceiver communications package.

On the back of the board, there's one piece of EMI shielding and what could be an antenna connector. Next to that seems to be the same Wi-Fi module as on the iPhone 5. One of the flex cable connection points is now on the front of the logic board.

Those five connection points protruding from the top are thought to feed the device's screen, microphones and speakers, cameras, and other components.

Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 5C tomorrow, alongside the flagship iPhone 5S.

The 5C should be the more affordable option, with a colourful plastic casing, and lower-grade specs.


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