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  5. iPhone 5C seen running iOS 7 on video

iPhone 5C seen running iOS 7 on video

iPhone 5C seen running iOS 7 on video

A leaked video has shown the iPhone 5C in action, ahead of its announcement later today.

It's only a brief glimpse, but we can see the handset is running iOS 7, just like the more expensive iPhone 5S. It almost goes without saying that this would make it quite an attractive proposition for consumers.

The handset has a blue back case, though it's more muted than some of the more garish colours we've seen it in.

Also on the plus side is that the screen seems to be just as responsive as the iPhone 5.

The fact the iPhone 5C should run the same operating system as its more expensive stablemate means Apple will have to add something special to help the 5S stand out, and to justify the higher price tag. Rumours say the 5S will feature a fingerprint scanner in the home button, doing away with the need for a PIN code.

This would also let you sign into websites and social networks without having to enter a password. Lose your handset, and it'd be secure from being tampered with.

Various leaks have shown the iPhone 5C in a range of colours, from garish green and red to more muted pink and blue. The 5C is expected to be aimed at the developing world, but some rumours say we'll also be able to buy the handset here in the west.



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