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  5. iPhone 5C working model crops up on video

iPhone 5C working model crops up on video

iPhone 5C working model crops up on video

With shells in multiple colours, buttons, screens and mock-up devices appearing online in recent months, the iPhone 5C could well be Apple’s most-leaked phone ever. But there’s been no sign of a working model. Until now, that is.

A lo-fi, grainy clip has surfaced on Chinese tech site C Technology showing the phone fully assembled, running the forthcoming iOS 7 version of Apple’s operating system and working well enough to enable the user to conduct a web search.

Judging by the footage, the iPhone 5C and its proprietary Safari browser zip along at a fair old lick for what’s being touted as a cheap phone, which could corroborate claims that the handset will offer 4G support.

Some tech scribes suggested the low-cost iPhone might be restricted to last-gen 3G networks, helping to differentiate it from the top-end iPhone 5S.

However, before you get too excited it’s worth noting that the clip is pretty low-grade, making it hard to tell what we’re seeing.

And given that the user doesn’t see fit to show us the tell-tale product info that Apple secretes at the rear of phones, there’s even more reason to remain somewhat incredulous that we’re looking at the real deal.

That’s before you even consider how widely available leaked plastic cases for the iPhone 5C have been in recent weeks, meaning the owner of the hands in the clip could simply have taken a standard iPhone and slotted it in a 5C shell. All the better to fool tech sites in The West, it seems.

Still the good news is that at least we get to find out the truth soonish. Apple is apparently set to lift the lid on its latest handset contenders on September 10th.


Apple Insider

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