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  5. iPhone 5s and 5c sales: Still in the game, but quarterly results mean more

iPhone 5s and 5c sales: Still in the game, but quarterly results mean more

iPhone 5s and 5c sales: Still in the game, but quarterly results mean more

The premise seems simple. Release two new phones instead of one and watch sales soar. And that’s exactly what Apple has done.

For all the talk of iterative updates and the so-called budget iPhone 5c being anything but, users clearly still can’t get enough of the iPhone and of Apple.

A whopping 9 million units in one weekend is a massive success, no matter which way you cut it.

iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c family (official)

This year has seen plenty of talk of Apple’s decline, nay demise, admittedly from these quarters as well as across the web.

This latest weekend at least tempers that, although it does still leave questions about whether it can still make money at the same rate as it used to and whether it’s really even that fussed about competing on specs terms with Samsung, Sony and others.

The HTC One, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Sony Xperia Z1 and forthcoming Google Nexus 5 all offer more grunt, beefed up camera smarts and bigger screens than both iPhones.

samsung galaxy note 3 official 1

Demand for phablets continues to grow. IDC said earlier this month that phablets now outsell tablets and laptops in Asia.

Apple itself is known to be testing larger screened iPhones, some up to six inches, according to recent Wall Street Journal reports.

That suggests that while the 4-inch iPhone 5s and 5c are doing just fine right now, the days when smartphones and tablets serve the same purpose are fast approaching.

Apple will need to tackle that problem head on, no matter the fact that its new devices have sold so well first off.

iphone 5s gold large

It’s also worth considering that this is the first time Apple has launched its new iPhones in China at the same time as the US and key European territories.

While breakdowns are unavailable, doubtless this will have helped boost sales.

But will Apple now see continued, steady sales, or a dip as demand drops and early adopters get their first hit of the new phone?

We won’t truly know until the next two sets of Apple’s quarterly results are unveiled.

One set is due in October, but it’ll be January’s numbers that will really tell us how well the iPhone 5s and 5c have done and are doing.

Apple logo on building

In the last three months of 2012, Apple sold a record 47.8 million iPhones. That’s a huge number to beat, but with two devices available, it should manage it.

Next year, though, is a more intriguing prospect. A full scale redesign of the iPhone is once again due and perhaps a larger screened model too.

As the market changes, surely Apple will respond from its position at the front and show off a phablet that could well outsell rival models.

The weekend’s numbers are certainly good, great even. But as ever with all things Apple, it’s worth looking at the bigger picture.

It’s now one of many big players. It’s how it does over months, not days, that really matters.

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