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  5. iPhone 5s priced on Vodafone 4G Red and 3G

iPhone 5s priced on Vodafone 4G Red and 3G

iPhone 5s priced on Vodafone 4G Red and 3G

Vodafone has joined EE in announcing price points for the iPhone 5s, with days remaining until the handset goes on sale in the UK.

The network is offering 4G and 3G plans over 12 and 24 months, all of which feature an upfront fee to cover the cost of the handset in its 16GB, 32GB and 64GB storage variants.

Choosing the best is a pretty subjective business, of course. But if pushed, we’d probably be inclined to pick up the 16GB model on Voda’s Red 4G-ready L ready plan for £52 per month over 24 months, plus a one-off fee of £19.

That gets you unlimited text and call minutes, as well as a weighty data allowance of 8GB per month. Or at least it will until the end of October, after which point the data limit reverts to a less generous, but still pretty substantial 4GB.

iphone 5s rear view official

In news that may surprise some of you, price points for the 3G service aren’t too far removed from Vodafone Red 4G.

The cheapest monthly tariff is £42 per month over two years, plus £79 upfront) for the 16GB model of Apple’s handset, for instance, and features unlimited texts and calls and 1GB of data usage each month.

Every Vodafone plan also comes with a choice of either Sky Sports Mobile TV or Spotify Premium.

Vodafone’s pricing strategy appears to be aimed at pushing customers towards 4G, as carriers fight for marketshare in what is still pretty nascent network technology in the UK.

The carrier's 4G network is currently available solely in London, but will go live in Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Nottingham and Sheffield on September 28th.

Would-be iPhone 5s buyers will be able to get hold of the handset from Friday (September 20th), after Apple opted to not make it available for pre-order.

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