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  5. Phone 5S and 5C: What the latest leaks say

Phone 5S and 5C: What the latest leaks say

Phone 5S and 5C: What the latest leaks say

Apple is holding an event tomorrow that promises to "brighten everyone's day" according to the invite. The smart money is on not one but two new iPhones, with new features, new colours, and - yes - a new, more affordable pricepoint as well.

But what's the latest the rumour mill has churned up on the new models? Let's take a look.

1 The 5S will have a fingerprint scanner in the home button

iphone 5s fingerprint 2

This one has been ongoing since Apple bought biometric firm AuthenTec last summer, but a few recent leaks have fanned the flames.

The iPhone 5S's packaging leaked over the weekend, showing a silver ring around the Home button. This suggests Apple has tweaked it to feature some new tech, such as a fingerprint scanner.

Australian blogger Sonny Dickson posted snaps which he claims are of the scanner itself, sourced from the supply chain in China.

And a spec sheet from Chinese site C Technology bolsters rumours of the fingerprint scanner.

It also shows the 5S's home button lacking the usual square, which would be the first redesign it's undergone since the iPhone's introduction in 2007. And why else would Apple redesign the home button?) last summer, but a few recent leaks have fanned the flames.

2 The 5C will have different innards to the iPhone 5

iphone 5c logic board

The logic board for the iPhone 5C leaked recently, showing that the innards will be slightly different to the iPhone 5's.

The accelerometer looks to be in a different position, for example.

We don't know what kind of processor the 5C will use. Rumours say Apple will stick with its existing chips, so there's a chance the 5C could be similarly specced to the iPhone 5.

When it introduces a new handset, Apple usually keeps the current model on sale, but drops the price.

This time around, Apple could replace the iPhone 5 with the 5C. Or it could offer the 5C as an even cheaper alternative to the 5.

We'll have to wait and see if the 5C and 5 go shoulder to shoulder on shop shelves.

3 The 5C will come in pink

iPhone 5C red packaging

The iPhone 5C has leaked in a few colours over the months, but just last week it popped up in blushing pink over on a Chinese website.

It's hard to know whether these images are genuine, and they do contradict the earlier, brighter hues that leaked.

The 'C' in iPhone 5C is said to stand for 'Colour', so whichever rumours you believe, we can be pretty certain the more affordable handset will come in a wide selection of hues. This would match Apple's iPod touch and iPod nano ranges.

4 While the 5S will add champagne gold and grey to its colour range

iPhone 5S champagne gold and graphite grey leaked casings

So what about the flagship iPhone 5S? Being the more premium of the two, it'll come in slightly more sober colours, according to leaks.

As well as the classic black and white of the iPhone 5, the 5S will come in champagne gold and gunmetal grey, images suggest.

The gold model has surfaced a few times, most notably at Japanese site ASCII Plus. The same site got its hands on the handset's nano SIM card tray in a gunmetal grey finish, hinting we'll see the flagship in four colours.

5 They'll be followed by a 6-inch iPhone

iphone 6 concept phablet

It never ends. The new models aren't even with us yet, and already we're speculating on what the next-but-one iPhone will have in store.

Apple is testing models between 4.8 and 6 inches, according to sources speaking to the Wall Street Journal.

The iPhone 5 saw Apple up the screen size to 4 inches, from 3.5 inches on previous models.

Rivals Samsung and LG have launched far bigger mobiles, so the iPhone 5 is a bit small by today's standards. Even Nokia's wallet-friendly Lumia 625 dwarfs it, standing 4.7 inches across.

The 5S and 5C should stay at 4 inches, but after that, expect Apple to supersize its handsets.

Don't forget to check out our exclusive look at the iPhone 5S alongside the iPhone 5. The parts were sourced from Apple's supply chain, so while it's not a working model, the dimensions are spot on.

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