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BlackBerry could be sold to Google

BlackBerry could be sold to Google

Despite revealing it had reached a $4.7 billion deal with a financial consortium, BlackBerry is holding talks with Google, among others, to see if it’d be keen in snapping up some or all of its business.

In a Reuters report, insiders claim that BlackBerry has approached Google, Cisco and SAP about striking a deal. It’s also seeking expressions of interest from Samsung and LG, ideally by this week, as it looks to start a bidding war for its assets.

The companies could be keen on BlackBerry’s secure server network, not to mention its hefty patent portfolio. But with the value of both set to slide in the next few months, tech’s biggest players will want to drive the price down before committing.

None of the potential bidders have commented. However, BlackBerry issued a brief statement.

A rep stated: "The special committee, with the assistance of BlackBerry's independent financial and legal advisors, is conducting a robust and thorough review of strategic alternatives."

With last quarter results showing a $1 billion loss and sales of its Z10 smartphone disastrously low, BlackBerry is unlikely to survive in anything like its present form.



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