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HTC smart watch in the offing

HTC smart watch in the offing

HTC is working on a smartwatch, with plans to release the product in the second half of 2014. That’s the word from ‘a person familiar with the matter’, who has spoken with Bloomberg about the device’s development.

Details about exactly how the device will look and whether it will use a flat or flexible display are not yet known.

However, the source said the smartwatch would use Google Android and pack a camera, just like Samsung’s Galaxy Gear.

The news comes just days after HTC’s Peter Chou described the current crop of smartwatches as a ‘gimmick’.

That’s an accusation widely levelled at Samsung’s expensive effort, which seems to have failed to capture the imagination of punters and tech scribes alike.

With a late-2014 timeframe being mooted for HTC's effort, it appears the gadget-maker will be putting its savvy timepiece up against Apple’s iWatch, which is also widely rumoured for release around that time.

With HTC reporting a quarterly loss and its share price in the doldrums, it’ll need its smartwatch and array of new products (said to include a tablet) to perform brilliantly in 2014 if it’s to have any chance of regaining its pre-eminent position in the smartphone space.



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