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iOS 7 iMessage bug fix found

iOS 7 iMessage bug fix found

An iOS 7 bug that saw Apple’s iMessage stop firing off missives appears to be fixable, despite the fact that both Apple’s recent software updates have failed to address the issue.

Users have complained that after pressing 'send' in iMessage, their words or text have simply not been, erm, sent.

Instead of defaulting to SMS, as iMessage does when the service is not available, messages have simply shown as ‘Not Sent’.

While one workaround is to simply switch the device on and off again, some have found this most basic of IT fixes doesn’t work either.

More happily, some crafty iOS 7 users have discovered a fix that involves diving into the Settings menu. From here, you can switch off iMessage in Messages and reset network settings in the General menu. Then you should just be able to turn iMessage back on and the service will work again.

That fix is somewhat convoluted, and with growing reports of problems, surely Apple will step up and release a proper update to kill off the error once and for all.



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