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  5. iOS 7 is worse than iOS 6, say 40% of iPhone owners

iOS 7 is worse than iOS 6, say 40% of iPhone owners

iOS 7 is worse than iOS 6, say 40% of iPhone owners

A sizeable tranche of the iFaithful are distinctly unimpressed with iOS 7 and preferred iOS 6, a survey reveals, amid reports of a series of bugs with the software and the none-more-odd phenom of consumers complaining the rethought OS gives them motion sickness.

In a uSwitch Tech poll, 1,438 site users were asked to judge iOS 7 having now lived with it for a couple of weeks. The new version of the operating system, which is the first to be overseen by Apple design guru Jonathan Ive, began rolling out to the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 on September 18th.

Of our sample of technology fans, almost four in ten (39 per cent) said they prefer iOS 6 to iOS 7, in a far from ringing endorsement for the rethought platform.

The extent of the antipathy towards the revamped OS comes after bugs were found to be affecting the iMessage service, resulting in messages being undelivered.

Lockscreen security was another major bugbear, after it emerged that security could be easily bypassed through the camera app, potentially giving unauthorised users access to social media accounts.

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Owners of older iPhones have also taken to Apple support forums to complain about reduced battery life, while other users found the redesigned icons ‘childish’.

But perhaps the oddest gripe came from punters who claimed that they have been suffering from motion sickness as a result of the swift zoom and animation that iOS 7 introduces to the platform.

This unfortunate side effect is said to be at its worst when users are multi-tasking or flicking between apps.

Apple has moved to address some of the glitches with two iOS updates and has pledged to take action with others.

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