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  5. iPhone 5s users report spate of random reboots

iPhone 5s users report spate of random reboots

iPhone 5s users report spate of random reboots

The iPhone 5s is rebooting seemingly at random, testimonies on Twitter and Apple forums indicate, as the tech giant faces up to another PR firefight in the wake of previously discovered glitches with iOS 7.

The problem, which was brought to wider attention by The Verge, sees users’ brand new smartphones plagued by reboots after an ominous blue screen of death appears.

A series of clips corroborate claims that the glitch is at its worst when iPhone 5s owners are multi-tasking with several apps open simultaneously. It’s also thought abroad that Apple’s iWork apps - Pages, Numbers and Keynote – are closely linked to the problem.

Natch, Apple has yet to respond officially. That won’t surprise anyone grown used to the company’s Sphynx-style silences when issues are first discovered. But we’re sure they’ll be some word out of Cupertino if this blows up as big as early signs suggest.

Apple is already facing down consumer complaints over a glut of flaws with the iOS 7 operating system that powers the iPhone 5s and its low-cost, little bro’, the iPhone 5c.

As well as issues with iMessage that means that missives weren’t delivered, the new OS has been hamstrung with security holes and even reports that its whizzy animations cause motion sickness.

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